Myths Vs Facts

Misconceptions abound among home sellers and real estate professionals about the value/cost/importance of staging homes to sell. Do you know the FACTS?

Myth #1: The house is beautifully decorated so it will sell quickly and for top dollar.

Truth: It may be decorated very nicely... but in the home owner's taste. More often than not, their style/decor will not appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. Buyers' tastes are so varied it is better to start with a neutral palette and work from there.

Myth #2: It is better to sell the house vacant because it looks roomier in the buyers' eyes.

Truth: Most buyers are more confused by empty homes because they have difficulty visualizing how the home could look with furniture...'Would my sofa fit here? Not sure my bed will fit in this bedroom." Take all doubt from their mind... SHOW them.

Myth #3: Most people cannot afford to stage their home to sell.

Truth: They cannot afford NOT to stage their home. Staging brings back a 300% ROI according to HomeGain's latest statistics. And the cost for staging will never exceed the first price reduction.

Myth #4: Most sellers do not need a stager, they can do it themselves.

Truth: Some people may be able to stage their home effectively, but MOST sellers cannot have an objective eye about their home. A stager CAN have an objective eye because there is no emotional attachment and they can view the house as a commodity that needs to be sold as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.

Myth #5: The exterior of a house is not as important as the interior.

Truth: Curb appeal is HUGE. Did you know that most buyers will do a drive-by before even contacting the realtor/owner? What they see outside will either entice them to come inside or cause them to drive on to the next home.

Myth #6: Staging is not needed in a hot market.

Truth: Generally speaking, staged houses in a hot market will sell for more money than a comparable unstaged house. Also, often they are listed at a higher price.

Myth #7: The price is the only thing that determines if a house sells or not.

Truth: In one way this is true... lower the price enough and ANY home will sell. The three things that determine the 'sellability' of a house is location, price and condition. Obviously the location cannot be changed, but the price and condition CAN be changed... and one is directly dependent on the other. Better condition, higher listing and selling prices, poor condition means lower listing prices and lower selling prices.

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