Real Estate Home Staging Services

Selling your home is easier said than done, right? Sure you can have your whole sale planned out with the price you want and the time frame you want to sell it in, but these things don't just happen by chance. A lot of work goes into selling a home - especially if you have specific goals in mind. A crafty real estate agent will delve into many different home selling techniques, one of them being home staging.

First off, let's discuss what home staging actually is. To put things in perspective, have you ever been to an open house that looks as if people live there, but everything just seems a little too "perfect". There may not be full arrangements in rooms, but rather accent furniture or complimentary accessories and décor. The art of home staging is done with one premeditated goal in mind - to sell a home. Agents may take advantage of the home's existing furniture for these services or bring in their own items. If they utilize the furniture that is already in the home, they will likely remove pieces and rearrange items. For example, hanging décor in 1's, 3's, and 5's, using drapery, minimalizing furniture, using inflatable mattresses, and drawing attention to focal points in a room are all the learnt methods of a home stager.

What effect does home staging have on a buyer? Giving the impression that a home is occupied makes the home feel warmer and helps buyers picture themselves living in the home. A minimal but key amount of possessions in the house allows the buyer room to breathe as they picture their own belongings inside. The items tastefully displayed by the real estate agent help spark ideas in a buyer's head...but they are not so demanding that they suffocate imagination.

Taking advantage of using home staging services is a much more sound decision than having an open house that is empty - especially if the furniture and knick knacks are attractive. I firmly believe that an astute home stager can "con" their viewer into feeling and believing that any home is both cozy and upscale. A bare home can feel empty and lacking of character.

Real estate home staging services are beneficial to any seller. Whether you are trying to sell within a time frame or are determined to get a high asking price, a home stager is prepared to woo viewers into a well-rounded sale.

Staging Bathrooms

Pretty cut-and-dried, isn't it? It needs to be clean - really, really clean with sparkling tiles, grout, and fixtures. It needs new towels. But it's a bathroom, right?

It certainly is, but there are still a lot of touches you can add to give it some pizazz! And I'm not talking about updating although that may be important as well. But if that money isn't in the budget or it makes more sense to spend it elsewhere, there are still some of the things you can do to make a bathroom a little less humdrum.

First, paint can make a big difference. Not only will that make the bathroom feel very fresh and clean, it can create interest in a space that doesn't have much. And while you don't want to choose a color that's totally wild, because it's a small space a more dramatic color may be okay. While it's usually still a good idea to stay in the neutral family, feel free to go darker than you normally would. Just make certain there is enough light so potential buyers can see the room. And keep the rest of the lines of the room clean and spare.

A rug on the floor is very important to soften all the hard, cold lines. But because the space is usually small, you don't want a lot of small, colorful rugs that will further break up the space. Add one rug in the largest size possible for the room. And choose a color that matches the floor. This will lessen the impact on the shze of the room while still adding softness.

Make the room pretty (and keep it from feeling too empty) with one or two well-placed accessories. A well-cared for plant, towels tied with ribbons, an attractive soap dish with a new bar of fancy soap, or a pretty dispenser with hand lotion are all nice touches. If there is room around the tub, make it feel like a spa with a basket of spa treatments such as soap, a towel, and a loofah.

There are also a few things you need to remove. First, all personal items should be either packed away or well-hidden in baskets with lids. That includes everything personal on the counter tops and in the medicine cabinet and linen closet. Even things like toothbrushes and toothpaste are unsightly and should be removed from counters. If you have a toilet seat cover, remove it. Any rugs other than the one larger one mentioned above should go.

As you stage your bathroom, think of a hotel bathroom. You want it pretty, but impersonal. Even though everyone knows you are using it if you are living in the house, potential buyers don't want to be reminded of it. Rather, they want a room that feels open, inviting, and fresh - ready for them to move right in!

Ann Anderson is the owner of Rooms Reborn (, a decorating, staging, and redesign business serving Connecticut. She is also the founder and Director of the School of Interior Redesign (, a private occupational school teaching staging, decorating, redesign, feng shui, and working with relocating seniors. She is also the co-creator of the Ready2Sellin30Days system which is designed to help do-it-yourself home sellers prepare their homes for sale with less stress.

Home Staging Design

The market is stabilizing and property is not selling as quickly as it had in the past several years. Which is why you may be asking yourself then why in the world would I not stage a home? Isn't the idea to get top dollar for your home/client? In most cases staging a home costs less than your first price reduction. The important thing is that staging makes your listings look great and sell quickly with the greatest amount of profit and the least amount of effort on your part.

Home staging or the dream weavers of the real estate world. It can turn your home into another house in a matter of days.

10 Home Staging Techniques to Transform Your Home

1. Create curb appeal.
2. Repair and paint.
3. Clean and uncluttered your work and storage area.
4. Store your personal items and limit wall decoration.
5. Choose impartial colors.
6. CLEAN!!!
7. Rearrange your furnishing.
8. Uncluttered your home.
9. Preview what the potential buyer wants to see. Go room to room
10. See what they see.

Accessories Stagers Use:

* Mirrors
* Plants
* Silk Flowers
* Floor & Table Lamps,
* Area and Throw Rugs
* Small Love Seats
* Ottomans
* Afghans
* Pillows
* Inflatable Queen-Size Beds
* Baskets
* Plastic Tables & Chairs

How to Start a Home Staging Business:

Read About It - If you want to start a business of home staging, then you should first learn about it.
Practice - Before going out to decorate others homes, you have to practice the same in your own home. See whether or not you are capable of doing a proper job. Try and improve one section of your house everyday. If you practice well, you will do great in the outside world.

Talk to Others - Before you start your own business, you have to learn more about the business you are going to deal with. Talk to other people who are in this business. Learn how they do their job, learn who your competitors are. Also learn about the mistakes that the other home stagers have made, so that you do not make the same mistakes.

Know the Laws - Whenever you start a business, you always have to get yourself registered. Make sure that the business that you have set up has followed the laws and all the regulations of the area where you have started your business. The laws may vary from one place to another. Get a business license and also come up with a name for the business. The name should be attractive and interest the clients.

Create a Portfolio - The next thing that you have to do while starting a home staging business is creating a portfolio. Prepare a list of all the homes that you have decorated and the feedback that you have received. Do some jobs for free for a few clients so that you can not only show some sort of work experience but even these customers can give some good reference when you need it. They can also help with advertising the name of your business.

Advertise - Now after you have started your business, you have to carry out a promotional advertising, so that people know about it and they come to you for your assistance. You can either advertise in the newspaper, or any other form of advertising that gives you good exposure.

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Informations About Home Staging

Home staging will be the method of setting up a home to give it universal buyer appeal. Home staging is not meant to be confused with decorating or interior design. Home staging requires all of that kind of stuff and even more. It's a huge undertaking which requires the assistance of all family members. And unlike decorating, there's a deadline and real pressure to produce a top-notch interior and exterior because home sellers like selling their residences for higher prices.

Home Staging still has the ability to elevate the experience potential buyers have of the property. Left to their own devices and assuming they listen to the suggestions you make to them as an experienced Realtor, many homeowners can muddle their way through staging their home to some effect. But with the fresh eyes and design skill of a Home Stager on their side, there are many more ways to showcase a property for quick & profitable sale for a minimal cost and minimal hassle which has great benefit for both you and your client.

One of the common concerns I hear from Realtors is that despite all the positive potential offered by Home Staging, it costs a fortune to get a property home market ready using a Home Stager, which is a legitimate concern. Pricing is really important so here is what you can expect from resourceful redesigns.

The bottom line for you as a Realtor is that the majority of resourceful redesigns projects involve working with what clients already own, encouraging them and even assisting them in packing up some of their stuff for storage during the time their home is listed, re-arranging/redistributing furniture and occasionally bringing in rental art and accessories to tie the new look of the rooms together. The sum effect of this way of home staging is that I highlight the selling features of a home and draw attention away from the flaws.

Nine out of ten times a resourceful redesigns home staging project will be complete in a day and the client's life isn't turned upside down, nor is their bank account.

The excess financial resources from the sale of your house will help you get settled in the new house, and also the additional money might even make it into your emergency savings account. Home staging can offer up to a 300% profit of expenditure.

That's a huge return. Home staging expenditures often don't grow because everything is precisely planned right from the start. There can be no space for splurging or impulsive buying when you're staging your home because you have a fixed budget and you can't go against the things you have primarily planned.

If you've got a lot of gear to relocate out of your house, hire a storage unit as soon as you can to help you begin hauling out and storing the non-essentials found in your home. Non-essentials are furniture and personal items that you won't need on a everyday basis. This includes additional clothes, picture frames, trophies, medals, unused home equipment, etc. Shift these out as soon as possible to open up the spaces at your residence.

Hire a home inspector so you have a comprehensive list of possible repairs and replacements. Most homes should be precisely checked out for cracked electrical wiring, faulty pipes, trouble plumbing, dangerous mold, etc. Such trifles need to be dealt with prior to your own home can be put in the marketplace.

Put aside a few days every week for strategizing. In case you have the money, make use of a specialist stager so you have the benefit of the stager's knowledge working on your side.

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