Features Buyers Are Looking for in Homes

Every home buyer has a pre-selected list of requirements for a home they're going to buy. That includes desired location, price range, number of bedrooms, preferably outdoor patio area, etc. But what else captures buyers' attention when they are shopping for a new place to live? Here is the list of things buyers will look at, that will influence their decision on purchasing the property.

1. Homes that are in move-in condition. Let's face it: not a lot of people want to invest their time and money into renovations. Messy rooms, inability to use the space, material and labour challenges - this all does not look attractive to anybody at all. Buyers think: "I'd rather pay a little extra for the house that's in a move-in condition upon purchase, rather than take money out of my pocket after I move in." Plus doing a renovation can be a real challenge to one's family relationship. So if you want to sell yr home fast and for top dollar you should at least make all those smaller repairs throughout the house that you neglected to do before and finish all the renovation projects before putting your home on the market.

2. Open concept homes. For the last couple of years we've seen a rising demand for smaller but more functional homes. Big houses with single purpose rooms and huge square footage are being replaced by well-organized multi-purpose open concept homes. This new approach dictates a new philosophy in organizing and decorating living spaces, which many interior designers, decorators and home stagers are successfully implementing in their work.

3. Updated fresh decor. Freshly painted walls, updated floors and tiles, modern backsplash - this all adds value into your home. Buyers want to feel that they are getting a new home, despite that it was built over 40 years ago. But if you don't plan to loosen yours purse strings on major renovations in this case new updated home accessories can do the trick. Modernize your home with new wall art, light fixtures, vases, decorative pillows and different knick-knacks. It will help you create a younger "spirit" of your home. A professional home stager will help you get the desired look with minimal investment.

4. Outdoor living spaces. A new trend of expanding the living space outdoors has been gaining its popularity more and more. People are looking for spaces where they can eat, relax or entertain their guests alfresco. Backyards are being transformed into fully fledged living and dining areas, beautifully decorated and multi-functional. This is why those who are planning to put their homes on the market need to pay extra attention to the outdoor space and show it at its best or at least show the potential hidden in the space.

5. Luxurious bathrooms and remodelled kitchens. Whether you want it or not buyers expect to see modern updated kitchen with high end stainless steel appliances, granite or solid surface man-made countertops and marble or glass tile backsplash. Coveted bathroom features include: double sinks, whirlpool tubs, separate shower stands with multiple showerheads, new vanities. You can get a spa-like feeling by displaying new white fluffy towels, candles, glass vases with sea shells and flowers.

6. Well organized storage system. With an increasing demand of smaller homes there's been an absolute need for a good storage. Either for a small or large walk-in closets, invest in a good built-in organization system. There are a several companies offering quite affordable and stylish systems, allowing you to customize it according to your needs.

Of course there are a lot of additional features that can be included in this list, but we wanted to highlight only those that make the most dramatic effect on the appearance of a home and, if improved, make the highest return on investment.

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